About Us

a salon called river...

When I was deciding on a salon name, I thought about what was important to me, what has kept me interested in the hair industry for almost twenty years. Overwhelmingly, it is always my clients, their stories, the things I learn from them, and how I have grown alongside so many of them over the years. 

Ontology, the study of the nature of being or existing, fascinates me. Learning about how people live their lives and exist makes me want to learn more and more. As I thought more about this and what other life elements make me feel calm and at peace, water was the other half of that answer. What body of water moves and flows, re-carving its existence every minute of every day? A river. 

I welcome you to a space that I have poured my soul into, a space that was created so you could find your own calm and peace at River Salon.